Jaume Plensa
Jaume Plensa is a Spanish artist, sculptor and engraver. Very versatile artist who has also experimented with drawing, scenarios for opera, video projections and sound installations.
Jean Luc Garioud
He works the metal, especially brass, which offers you the forms you are looking for. Also welded steel patina. The expression is figurative. Reality; sensitive or ideal.
Marie Frederique Viprey
Marie has spent most of his life in Africa. His creativity is expressed through itself. Extraordinary pieces in bronze involved in its creation.
Mayte Vieta
Mayte Vieta is a Catalanne artiste. He is known for using large format photographs illustrating their facilities. His work aims to take the viewer to a multitude of dream spaces full of air force, a strong symbolic and sensitive cargo.
Gerard Roca
Professor of sculpture and aerografíade l'Escola Municipal de la vila d'Angles. The drawing, painting and sculpture are the techniques used for their works, all with a strong classical influence, legacy that comes from observation and admiration for the works that have come to us from our ancestors and present artists.
A moment lived, observed a gesture or action, are enough to inspire a work.
Rosa Serra
Catalan sculptor established in Olot (Garrotxa) since 1950, she began her career in the early seventies. In 1970 she entered the Academy of Lluís Carbonell, where she studied drawing and painting, and two years later entered the School of Fine Arts d'Olot, where for three years she studied drawing, ceramics and printmaking.
Anik Lescure
Self-taught sculptor, exiled to a remote island, Anik reborn through modelage clay. Passes through sculptures spicy nuances of their Malagasy origins.
Anik sculptures symbolizing women.
Pierre Content
Pierre makes sculptures in bronze, stone and wood as a variation on the theme of the closed curve. "I like curves, says Pierre Content, but especially the tight corners which, unlike the smooth curves; express the vitality and inner strength. The nature knows no straight line.
Guerrero Medina
Painter, draftsman and printmaker self-taught. It belongs to the generation after the first post-war Spanish avant-garde, breaking with abstract informality of Francis Bacon and the Pop Art artists.
Jan Watson Flood
Her sculptures express simplicity, sincerity, serenity and certainly sensuality. Jan, studied at Brunel (UK). In just two years she exhibited her works, beginning of many exhibitions she did. Her works are collected by appointed collectors in Europe, America and Australia.
Merçè Riba
She began exhibiting her work in 1973 and since then she has managed to exhibitions both at home (Barcelona, Madrid, Bilbao, Girona, Figueres, Berga, Vic, Cadaqués) and abroad (New York, Geneva, Stuttgart, Luxembourg, Brussels Antwerp, Ghent, Sant Genis Des Fontaines)
Between 1980 and 1991 she taught engraving and modeling in Gerona, Huesca, La Bisbal and the University of Barcelona.
Alain Clinard
Self-taught sculptor and painter born in the Parisian region. Reaches Carbasoone in early 1980, creator of Cascassone windows. His creations are sold worldwide; Brussels, Paris, Japan ...
His work is in balance between the figurative and the abstract.
Françoise Comaills
Françoise Comaills, sculpts round and voluptuous bodies; tender and serene faces and comforting expressions correctly. Their high strength and emit bronze bulls are combative.
Inke Zeegelaar
Dance is her inspiration, both classical ballet as current forms of dance. In her sculptures attempts to register movement.
Work with clay and wax, after mounting a first draft last full details.
Ció Abellí
Ció Abellí, born in Girona and student of the sculptor Ricard Sala, graduated in Fine Arts, specializing in sculpture from the University of Barcelona. Since January 1987, has made 15 solo exhibitions in Catalunya, Andorra and France. During this time she has combined to create own work with public and custom and has participated in group exhibitions. Currently also teaches art in Llagostera and Riudellots de la Selva (Girona).
Jorge Manzano
Jorge Manzano born in Mexico. The sculpture is his passion, his life. Work stone, marble onyx i. From 1971-2010, Jorge Manzano participated in numerous group exhibitions and performances in France and abroad (Hannover, Barcelona, Basel, London, Geneva, Los Angeles and Méxic).


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